188 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Cuisine: Spanish/Tapas
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Cards: All major
Price: $$$
Hours: Mon-Thu 5 pm – 2 am; Fri 5 pm – 4 am; Sat-Sun 12 pm – 4 am
Booze: Full Bar
Subway: L to Bedford Avenue, Marcy Ave. (J, M, Z)
Delivery: No
We Say: Come for $1 oysters and $4 (surprisingly good) sangria during daily happy hours –including weekends. Come for the delightfully smooth Crèma Catalan, complimentary on Wednesdays. Come for the live jazz on Fridays. But really, come for the tapas. This place delivers on exactly what you’re hoping for every time you enter a tapas place – the ability to flirt with a number of dishes, and indulge in an array of satisfying flavors. Try Garlic Shrimp a la Plancha – where garlic is the ultimate trusty sidekick, not an obnoxious hero – with extra bread to exhaust the sauce, or try the Pan con Tomate to sop up your happy hour indulgence of choice.

They’ll tell you all about how “Cadaqués” is the name of a Spanish Mediterranean town where Dalí had a home–they might even show you some pictures at the bar– but if you order right (go with whatever is recommended) you’ll be too distracted to care after your first bite.

-Ali Gladstone

Citysearch says:

Out of nowhere, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Williamsburg. Quietly under construction for more than a year, this Catalonian tapas spot seems to have been born fully mature, with weathered wood plank walls, double-height rusted iron ceilings and industrial light fixtures putting it on par with Dressler and Zenkichi in Williamsburg’s grown-and-sexy division. Despite its stunner status, Cadaques is a casual tapas spot in true Spanish style, eschewing the usual stateside small-plates scheme ($9 for a glass of wine, $12 for a saucer-sized snack–gracias, idiota!) for a menu that gives you a couple of tasty plates and a glass of wine to go with each for about $30, with tip. The early favorite is pulpo en su tinta (octopus served with squid ink, fig and tomato confit–after a 12-hour slow-cook, the octopus feels like a tender scallop) though specials like the foie gras a la plancha with peaches, figs and port wine-cinnamon reduction are hard to resist. Oh, and if you have any interest in fat, hairy Hungarian pigs, Cadaques is one of the only restaurants in New York that has cured hocks of mangalica, the almost mythical, sheepish hog prized for its fat-marbled flesh.

Metromix says:

Williamsburg diners have yet another option on the restaurant-clogged area surrounding Grand Street and Bedford Avenue: Cadaques, an airy Spanish tapas spot with shareable menu of classic plates like stuffed piquillo peppers ($9) and Serrano ham croquettes ($7), plus newfangled twists like churros with sea salted chocolate and raspberry-rosemary jam ($7). Between a kitchen that’s open until 2 a.m. on weekends (the bar, which is working on a signature Spanish-style cocktail, stays open later) and the weekly flamenco band, Cadaques looks to be hopping until the wee hours. Not a night owl? No worries—they’re also open for brunch on the weekends.


  1. Cadaques is the best! my favorites are: pulpo, scallops with foie gras, the paella negra you have to order beforehand (unless they have a special night like tonight, i think), and a nice crisp bottle of Don David ! Yum! Also finish the night with Cava bottle pouring game… haha

  2. Caroline says:

    Haven’t had one bad thing here, perfect date spot and finally a replacement for the long gone and very much missed Allioli.


  3. The food here is good (the cuddlefish, one of the more unique dishes, was amazing), the martinis were well made, and it is a good date spot, but do not expect the service to match. Also, if you come here during Brooklyn Restaurant Week, do not expect them to offer you the typical deal that participating restaurants are supposed to be offering.

  4. I just went here the other night, and they only accept AmEx and cash…FYI. Food is good, not amazing. I wouldn’t go rushing back.

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