Brooklyn Rod and Gun

Brooklyn Rod and Gun

Brooklyn Rod and Gun

59 Kent Ave
(between North 10th and 11th)
Brooklyn, New York 11211
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About: The Bklyn Rod & Gun is a private social club located in Williamsburg across from New York’s East River. Our members have expertise in fly fishing and fly tying for both fresh and saltwater, bait-fishing, shooting, camping, hiking and boating (not to mention some top notch musicians!). As a group we aim to instill respect, appreciation and awareness of nature in our urban setting, while promoting safe and sensible use of these resources. In addition to club activities and meetings, we regularly open our doors to the community and have regularly scheduled music, barbecues and host other like minded organizations. Please come by and be our guests.
Our Rating: ★★★★
Cards: No
Price: ($0- $10) daily pass gets you 2 drinks
Reservations: Yes
Hours: varies, view calendar
Booze: 2 drinks (beer and/or whatever spirit they are serving) with day pass
Subway: L to Bedford Ave
NY Times says:

Something is clearly going on behind that modest blue door near the East River waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Burlap sacks cover the windows, but music and laughter spill out. Strolling by, you might mistake it for a cozy house party. Fishing tackle belonging to Chris Raymond, the organizer of the club. But wander in and you will discover an old-timey dude’s world called Brooklyn Rod and Gun, a fishing club that welcomes anyone willing to follow a few simple rules: “No booze in. No booze out. Throw your peanut shells on the floor.” Black waders dangle from a coat rack, a four-foot bass sprawls across a wall, and dim lamps illuminate a long wooden worktable where members commune over fly-tying and American roots music. “I’ve lived in this neighborhood since the 1980s, when there were a lot of Polish and Italian social clubs, and I was always inspired by that idea of creating your own community center,” said Chris Raymond, 48, a fly-fishing enthusiast and the information-technology director for Abrams Books. His signature accessory is a worn red baseball cap stitched with the words “Fish Pimp.” So two years ago, when he was between jobs, Mr. Raymond organized a weekly hangout with 11 other mostly unemployed, musically inclined fathers in a two-story, 800-square-foot former warehouse they rented on an industrial stretch of Kent Avenue near North 11th Street. The agenda? Listening to records, drinking beer and talking about the great outdoors. They built their own furniture and tacked up fishing maps of the Catskills and Newtown Creek. They jammed on their guitars or headed to the ragged shore nearby to catch moss bunker and bluefish. Curious passers-by and friends of friends started dropping in. Now there are 80 members, and events almost every night of the week: hootenannies on Sundays, fly-tying tutorials on Mondays, secret-cinema night on Tuesdays and a rotating cast of small bands with names like the Buddy Hollers and the Calamity Janes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Events are listed, along with photos of past outings, on, the club’s Web site. Members pay $100 to join, but anyone can get in for $10 a night. Though the crowd is predominantly male, women, families and even pets mix in. And despite the “gun” in its name, the group has not arranged any shooting events.


  1. You guys should order some samples of Hipster Dust to put on your club’s food. It’s great on grilled corn.

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