Blue Bottle Coffee


160 Berry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Cuisine: Coffee Shop
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Cards: All major
Price: $
Hours: Mon-Fri 7 am – 7 pm, Sat-Sun 8 am – 7 pm
Booze: None
Subway: L to Bedford Ave.
Delivery: No
We say:

Northern California coffee company Blue Bottle Coffee has finally arrived in Williamsburg. The massive, minimalist space on Berry Street is primarily dedicated to roasting and packaging the coffee, however there is a small café section with a large communal standing room table.

Blue Bottle Coffee serves lattés, cappuccinos, espressos, and mochas (made with Brooklyn-based Mast Brothers chocolate) alongside their well-known cold filtered coffees. They focus on organic, micro-roasted coffee in its simplest form, no strawberry cream frappucinos, white chocolate mochas, or cinnamon dolce lattes will be found here. Each cup of coffee is individually prepared, and can take up to three minutes per cup to make. There are pastries sold, however we visited in the late afternoon and all that remained was one lonely scone, so don’t show up hungry.

We tried the two types of cold filtered iced coffee offered: Kyoto and New Orleans-style. The Kyoto Iced Coffee ($4.25) is made in a Japanese iced-coffee device, which slowly drips room-temperature water though coffee grounds. This extensive process can take up to eight hours to make one pot. It’s meant to be consumed black and has an extremely smooth and bold flavor with undertones of tobacco and whiskey. The New Orleans-style ($4) contains chicory and is served over ice with a splash of milk and sugar. It’s less bold than the Kyoto, and has floral undertones from the chicory.

The servings are small at Blue Bottle Coffee, but the quality is excellent, and makes you savor each sip. If you’re wandering through the neighborhood, give it a try; we’ll definitely be going back.

Blackbook Mag says:

Nor Cal coffee maniacs bring their OCD to the Burg. “Artisan microroasting” is the strategy, with organic beans quick-bagged to prevent oxidation. Then the mad science begins. Five Japanese cold-extraction slow-drip brewers look complex enough to cure cancer, instead provide silky-smooth java jolt to get that blood circulating. Piston-lever espressos, Nel flannel filters for that “brooding, autumnal flavor.” Puts the anal back in artisanal coffee.