Tommy's Tavern

Tommy's Tavern

1041 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
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Rating: ★ ★
Cards: Cash Only
Hours: Daily 6pm-4am
Subway: G to Greenpoint Ave.
Food/Menu: No food available
Booze: Full bar
Happy Hour: None
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NY Mag says:

A visit to this out-of-the-way Greenpoint dive can go two ways. Scenario one: you step through clusters of bands smoking in front of their beat-up tour vans just to get to the door and squeeze through a crowd of messy-haired college radio DJs and girls in slouchy boots to get to the fluorescent-lit bar. After stopping by the grim bathroom to stuff a handful of toilet paper in your ears you push through the saloon-style swinging doors into a stageless back room where, under a pulsating lightshow apparently stolen from a middle school dance, you’ll come face-to-glistening-face with some thundering rock outfit. Scenario two: A man with a deeply creased face will slowly pull his gaze away from the television set and, out of politeness to the only other person in the bar, invite you to a game of pool. Scenemaking rock promoter Todd P.–who started booking some of Brooklyn’s best underground shows a few times a week at this three-decade-old bar–is the difference. Either way, the cheap booze is the fuel.

Citysearch says:

Most nights of the week, the experience at this neighborhood dive consists of throwing back a few cheap beers and stiff well drinks with worn-thin Polish men, while basking in the glow of neon beer signs and television. Come Friday, a week’s worth of dust gets stirred up as young Brooklyn hispters march en mass into the small and stageless back room, which transforms into an up-and-coming, word-of-mouth rock spot. Many of the shows are thrown together by local promoter Todd P. Call to find out what buzzed-about band is playing next. Everything here is dirt cheap–think domestic bottles for $3, with imports and well drinks ringing in at a whopping $4. If you’re really strapped for cash, PBR or a can of Schaefer can be had for $2.