The Wreck Room

c/o NY Mag

940 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206
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Cuisine: Bar Snacks/Vegetarian-friendly
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★
Cards: All Major
Price: $
Hours: 12pm-2am Daily
Booze: Full Bar
Subway: L to Morgan Ave.
NY Mag says:

Outside, the streets bump and buckle like 1980s Beirut but inside, thanks to car part light fixtures, a pressed-tin ceiling and the rose brocade wallpaper, this cavernous, bare-brick space conjures up an atmosphere of languid libertinism that’s more like 1890s New Orleans. As the name suggests, Wreck Room is something akin to a punk-rock community center: Pool tables and video games offer stimulation on those rare nights when DJs aren’t spinning slinky industrial jams or when bands aren’t playing gritty trash rock. During the latter nights (mostly weekends), a double-doored buffer confines the din to the back room with its delightfully over-the-top tropical mural and thereby leaves the eerily indistinguishable boys and girls in black T-shirts to their earnest, tallboy-fueled conversations about the art of making ‘zines.

Time Out says:

The Wreck refers to car crashes (mangled fenders and accordioned license plates dress the walls), but we’d like to think it’s a subversive nod to the Bushwick hip kids belly flopping into vinyl car-seat booths and sagging their rag-doll bodies onto wobbly barstools. Between the sweet and chatty bartenders and $4 Genny-and-Beam special, sobriety doesn’t stand a chance—nor does any form of solitude.

c/o Bushwick Daily


  1. Location Unique one…When it seeing my mind going to the song eagle’s hotel California…Thanks…….

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