Pumps Bar

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1089 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Rating: ★ ★
Cards: Cash Only
Hours: Mon-Fri 3 pm – 4 am, Sat 4 pm – 4 am
Subway: L to Grand St.
Food/Menu: No food available
Booze: Full bar
Website: http://pumpsbar.com/
Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm: $4 beers ; Sat 4pm-6pm: $4 beers
We say:
Williamsburg’s only titty bar. Think seedy with mop buckets.

NY Mag says:

Remember on Married With Children, when Al Bundy and his boys used to go to low-rent strip club the Jiggly Room to get away from their wives? Pumps is kind of like the Jiggly Room, only with more bikers and $7 Buds. The decrepit, narrow dive bar’s mirror-backed, bar-length stage is located behind the female bartenders, where a large rotation of mostly bikini-clad ladies gyrates and occasionally goes topless while luring dollar tips from gentlemen leaning up from their bar stools. The location—on a rarely trafficked industrial East Williamsburg block—the giant bouncer out front, and the general illicitness might suggest some dodginess, but the place is, surprisingly, fairly casual and comfortable. To get really comfortable, a small back room, separated by red-velvet curtains, is available—there, as a sign prompts, you can “Buy your favorite dancer Champagne for $20.” Also, T-shirts are available.