168 Marcy Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Cards: Cash Only
Hours: Daily 6pm-4am
Subway: J,M,Z to Marcy Ave.
Food/Menu: No food available (except for free hot dogs from time to time)
Booze: Full bar
Happy Hour: Daily 6pm-9pm: $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon
Website: www.duffsbrooklyn.com
NY Mag says:

When the Misfits sang about a “hybrid moment,” they might have been referring to the perfect combination of Bellevue Bar’s seedy Hell’s Kitchen ambiance and Williamsburg’s gritty waterfront that has resulted in the birth of Duff’s. Bellevue Bar was a dirty, red-lit den with pin-up murals and dusty horror artifacts sharing shelf space with the bottles. Owner Jimmy Duff has moved his collection of baby skulls and taxidermy, along with his staff of inebriation specialists, to a former check cashing store on the other side of the river. He’s also added a nice big patio with built-in grill, and kept the metal-heavy jukebox and cheap drink specials that made Bellevue a dive cum laude. Patron hygiene ranges from “fashionably unkempt” to “possibly homeless”–yet another sign that Jimmy Duff hasn’t left Port Authority too far behind–but the bar and its bathroom are surprisingly clean. And though Bellevue regular Dancing Dominick won’t be frequenting the new space (he passed away after a full life of shimmying for drinks), he won’t be forgotten: A cut-out photo of his manic grin adorns CDs in the jukebox. Look out for free hot dogs in warmer weather when Duff’s occasionally fires up their outdoor grill.

CitySearch Says

Remember that kid you used to know in high school–the one who liked hard rock–who plastered his bedroom with whatever he picked up off the street? Well, he’s opened a bar in Williamsburg and covered every inch of the space (including the ceiling) with street signs, random posters, an Elvis bust, disembodied doll heads, red lights, a Gorilla suit and pin-up shots. Longtime fans of Bellevue Bar in Hell’s Kitchen may recognize the memorabilia; distinctive owner Jimmy Duff packed his stuff out of that space and into this one. In warm weather, the patio promises to be a raucous ode to cheap beer, crop tops and egregious facial hair. But you can find that inside, too. A laundry list of beer from Coors in a can to Guinness in a glass is served ice-cold, but it seems very wrong not to order a shot of whiskey on the side.