Lighthouse, Veronica People’s Club, The Shop. RIP Elote & Cafe Mode

Here’s your regular round-up of comings and goings in the bar/restaurant scene.

Lighthouse: Built from scratch by siblings Naama and Assaf Tamir, The Lighthouse is a welcome addition to the South Williamsburg/Lorimer neighborhood. Serving a locally sourced raw bar, whole fish, grilled steaks, pork chops, and pickles the food is fresh and tasty, although a bit on the pricier side. Check out the full listing here. 5 Borinquen Place. Brooklyn, New York 11211

Veronica People’s Club: The popular East Village bar Heathers now has a Greenpoint outpost. Veronica People’s Club serves a dual purpose-a coffeeshop with cafe snacks during the day, and a full bar at night with live music. Check out the full listing here. 105 Franklin St. Brooklyn, NY 11222

The Shop: The shop is essentially a super cool bar and coffee shop inside a full-time motorcycle garage. Check out the full listing here. 290 Metropolitan Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Lastly, RIP Elote and Cafe Mode.


  1. brandonmetal says:

    hopefully, locally sourced doesn’t mean ‘from the east river.’ ohhhhh :p

  2. deedeepatrick says:

    Pour one out for Wombat while you’re at it. Place has been dark for almost as long as Elote. Wonder why.

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