Letterman Gets Feisty Again

First, he ripped O’Reilly a new asshole. Now he’s after Mary Cheney who is currently on her new book tour. Letterman is becoming must-see TV:

David: … Maybe, I’m wondering if people would rather you had talked about it [being the gay daughter of Darth Vader] during the campaign as opposed to after the campaigns waiting to put it in a book. Would it have been more effective to talk about it then?
Mary: I honestly don’t think it would have…
David: Do they resent you taking the opportunity to make money selling books now, where as before there was something larger to have accomplished?
Mary: I am very hesitant to speak on behalf of anybody. I’m sure there are people who feel that way and I know there are other people who don’t feel that way…

Watch the video here [via Crooks & Liars]


  1. Anonymous says:

    After the O’Reilly debacle you would think Letterman had enough sense to avoid political debates on his show. Man is this guy a fucking idiot!

  2. Huh, 6:15?
    Your what, an idiot?
    Be nice to yourself, now.

  3. Anyone who goes on his show ought to expect to be grilled a bit. Why not? They are trying to promote their interests and Letterman his. He laid O’Reilly out and that was classic. He asked Ms Cheney some good questions, not softball in the least. He does well confronting idiots.

  4. Anonymous says:

    O’Reilly (no I’m not of fan of Bill) easily handled Letterman’s attack leading to Dave’s embarassing declaration “I am not smart enough to debate you”. Cheney seemed almost bored by Dave’s idiotic questions. The bitch is there to plug a book not to act as spokesperson for gay people worldwide or an appologist for the Bush administration. Dave needs to drop his poor man’s Bill Maher schtick before he loses whatever audience he has left.

  5. yo yo ma says:

    Mary Cheney should be ashamed of herself. She thinks that the ‘liberation’ of the people of Iraq is more important then her own rights and freedom at home. I feel bad for her. I also feel bad for anybody who apologizes for the Bush administration.

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