Lazy Catfish Taking a Break

The Feedbag noticed that Lazy Catfish needed a little bit of motivation from the Department of Health to get that dang hot water problem checked out. In a sign (below the jump) posted by the DOH, it appears the Catfish is closed for unknown health/hygene related problems. But in another, management blames the hot water problem. Perhaps they’re related? Can’t boil the vermin germs off the plates no mo’? So, this is a bummer. Get off your lazy asses and get that heater problem fixed! <3 u.
photo by Keith Wagstaff


  1. good riddance

  2. A quick search on the NYC Department Of Health website shows that, while lack of hot water was one issue, it was far from the only one. In fact, the place was closed with 80 violation points – the worst score out of any restaurant or bar in ALL of Williamsburg. That’s saying something.

  3. Lorraine says:

    They should permanently close down for having the neighborhood drug dealers sell their drugs there once the weather gets over 70 degrees…The manager gets a cut and allows it

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