Lawsuit claims Williamsburg broker was fired for uploading nude selfies

stephaniegribbinEarlier this year real estate agent Stephanie Gribbon was fired from trendy Williamsburg brokerage Nooklyn, and now finds herself in the midst of a lawsuit from her former firm. From NY Post:

Long Island native Stephanie Rose Gribbin was hired as an agent at Nooklyn in August 2012, but soon began “uploading nude and seminude photographs of herself to Nooklyn’s Dropbox account,” the firm’s Brooklyn federal court suit claims.
The firm, which is owned by entrepreneur Harley Courts, also claims Gribbin contacted landlords and clients she had known through the company and tried to convince them to work with her new firm, Stephanie Rose Consulting.

I’m kind of confused as to why someone would use a work Dropbox account to upload their nudez. Maybe she just meant to upload some sweet pics of overpriced East Williamsburg lofts, or maybe Nooklyn is just making it up.

More important is the fact that the founder of Nooklyn is named Harley Courts and he looks like he drives a Harley, and he is currently taking a former employee to court.

Harley Courts

Harley Courts

- @joshmorrissey


  1. What a face. Woah.

  2. FYI – on Android, you can set up Dropbox to automatically upload any photo you take to Dropbox. If you’re really, really, REALLY not paying attention, maybe you set up your work Dropbox on your phone with automatic uploads turned on, and then your nude selfies become work documents.

  3. Pics or it didn’t happen.

    And when I say pics, I mean all of them.

    In high resolution.


  4. Moses kestenbaum ODA says:

    A real motha fck. This bitch kmows no boumds. Girls like her have no brains in the right places , them brains are located in herr ass

  5. Stephanie was our broker and she seems like a very nice person. Hey, @joshmorrisey, can’t you find something decent to write about? You’re a dick. Shape up. Nude selfies are not news. Is this personal for you or something?

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