Kria Brekkan and Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir at St. Marks Church

Last night, I headed down to the bastion of avant garde theater and music St. Marks Church. There, I witnessed a collaboration between Kria Brekkan and fellow Icelandic performance/video artist √Åsd√≠s Sif Gunnarsd√≥ttir. Unfortunately, I only was only able to catch it halfway through the performance, so I was not able to completely comprehend the costumes, spoken word and video component. I think the title “Experimental Existence” is a pretty good clue as to what they are trying to achieve; in any case, the mood was very ethereal (as you would expect in such a setting).
kopasker copy.jpg
From Experimental Existence, Image c/o the Artists
As far as the music accompaniment goes, this was one of Brekkan’s better performances–very light and languishing the way I like her. She just so happens to be playing another show at the newest music spot at the Sycamore in Brooklyn on Wednesday. It’s a very intimate spot, so it should be a good show. More details here.

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