‘Knockout’ on Bedford Avenue on Sunday night

The Guardian Angels posting signs about the "knockout game'

The Guardian Angels posting signs about the “knockout game’

We’re not sure what to call it, since many believe that the so-called knock-out game is just an urban myth. That said, this sucks:

A Hasidic man walking along a Williamsburg street Sunday night became the latest victim of the ugly “knockout game,’’ in which innocent people are sucker-punched by strangers.

Many of the victims — there now have been more than 10 in the city — have been attacked in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods.

Eli Leidner, 26, was knocked down by a man and woman at 10:40 p.m. at Bedford Avenue and Taylor Street. He wasn’t badly hurt.

A relative said Leidner was sure he was targeted because he’s Jewish.

The victims have included a 76-year-old Brooklyn woman who was knocked to the ground in Brownsvlle Friday.

The previous Friday, an Orthodox Jewish man was walloped in Borough Park. Before he was struck, Shmuel Perl heard four thugs blabbering about “knockouts.’’


  1. Moses kestenbaum ODA says:

    Knockout perps be aware that if you get caught your ass gonna fry, your balls gonna grow eggs on it, dont mess with Hasids, the code word is Haptsem

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