King’s Pharmacy is being forced to move to Red Hook

kingsKings Pharmacy, the mom-and-pop drugstore on Bedford Ave. is expected to close in a few weeks. According to Gothamist they are being pushed out by the landlord after 12 years in the space and will have to move to Red Hook. I’m sad to say that it is almost impressive that the store was able to stay open for 4 years after a Duane Reade opened across the street. Read more at Gothamist.



  1. No Spam says:

    SO lame. I love Kings. Nice, helpful employees. Fun music (Sirius First Wave) to shop to. Good deals on vitamins. Tons of Hello Kitty merch as well as lots of summer toys to choose from (whiffleball sets, footballs, etc.).

    I’ve lived in WB for about four years and have made 99% of my purchases at Kings over Duane Readé.

    Big sigh.

  2. This is the last straw, I was upset about Verb now this!? WTF? I hate CVS and DR. King’s has everything I want and those unusual items, esp the great cheap shower curtain, I’ve been shopping there since it opened. I am so sick of the ever-changing neighborhood and Starfucks is coming now. WB will be one big mall like NYC. The waterfront already looks like Battery Park. Fuck this.

  3. jjinbroklyn says:

    Everyone who cares about local businesses, please patronize the Northside Pharmacy on Driggs and N7, right by the subway exit there. (They used to be at Bedford and N7, where the Dunkin’ Donuts is now.)

    They are really nice people, and they remember your favorite items and prescriptions, and they OWN the business, unlike a single worker you will ever meet at the local Duane Reade, 16 Handles, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, HSBC and whatever horrific chain sprouts up next.

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