Kilo Bravo: Williamsburg bar will serve 50 state-themed cocktails


Kilo Bravo
180 North 10th St; btwn Bedford & Driggs

It’s the latest from the people behind Soft Spot and they open this Thursday, Sept 4.

From Gothamist:

Williamsburg’s densely packed nightlife scene welcomes a new player this week with the opening of Kilo Bravo on Thursday. Kate Buenaflor, proprietor of Soft Spot opens her new bar on North 10th between Bedford and Driggs—just down the street from her original spot—with business parter Richard DeVore. The duo tapped an “all-American” theme for the new joint, with touches of rock’n’roll on the walls, hearty sandwiches and an around-the-States cocktail menu to match.

Cheekily named cocktails represent each of the 50 States like Hawaii’s “Aloha Motherfucker,” reminiscent of a blue Long Island Iced Tea, and the Moose Cocktail repping Alaska with bourbon, apricot brandy and Angostura bitters. The Bronx holds it down for New York with a drink made from gin, dry and sweet vermouths and orange juice, while the appropriately bleak The Turnpike—a doozy of four liquors and a slew of fruit juices—puts New Jersey in its place. If you’re daring enough to drink all 50 within one year, the bar rewards you with a free drinks party.

And more from DNA:

The cocktails, which cost $10, are inspired by the state they represent — such as a Cape Codder for Massachusetts or a Hurricane for Louisiana. New Jersey’s drink, The Turnpike, is like a Long Island Iced tea, with a bunch of different liquors, but it also includes a variety of juices, including orange, pineapple, cranberry and grapefruit juice.

“Some of the cocktails are quite delicious and some of them are a little intimidating,” said bar co-owner Kate Buenaflor, who also owns nearby bar Soft Spot.

Other state-inspired drinks were inspired by things invented in the state, like Ohio’s Blue Collar Sidecar, a blue drink partly named after the motorcycle sidecar, which was invented in Ohio.

Buenaflor wanted to create a fun activity for neighbors to do, especially with all the tourism popping up in Williamsburg, she said.

Bargoers get one year to consume all the drinks on the “Road Trip” menu, and once they complete the virtual trip, Kilo Bravo will throw them a “welcome home” party where they drink for free, Buenaflor said. Friends at the party get specials on two selected Road Trip Cocktails.


“The Heartland” – Slow-cooked beef sandwich

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