Kill… and Kill Again: Murder Ballads at the Way Station

Last year, musician Elisa Flynn began doing group shows at the Way Station in Brooklyn, based on Americana-type themes. The first was based on the Anthology of American Folk Music, and second (which is happening Tues. 1/15 from 8:30 – 11:30) is Murder Ballads. The first one was a huge success, and show two sounds great as well:

Thirteen artists play one classic murder ballad, followed by their own version of the tale, redone for 2013!

Artists: Sarah Bisman, Maharajah Sweets, Lys Guillorn, Alex Mallet, Valerie Kuehne, Paul Ryan, Spiff Wiegand, Elisa Flynn, Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne, Painless Parker, Emily Duff, Danny Tuss, Whiskey Ginger.
Songs/stories taken so far:
Stagger Lee
The Two Sisters
Schnittke’s Faust Cantata (Yep! No rules people! Just bloody mayhem!)
Knoxville Girl
Banks of the Ohio
Henry Lee
Long Black Veil
Delia’s Gone
Omie Wise
The Wind and Rain
Swannanoa Tunnel

Check it out tomorrow at Way Station! Here’s the Facebook invite.

Want to participate in the next show “All I’ve Got is a Photograph,” on 4/16/13? Here’s how:

Participants must:
– find a photo (preferably anonymous and completely random, from a thrift store or the like)
– write a song or story about it.
– scan the photos, save as a .jpg and send to me; we’ll show them on the screen behind the stage while you’re performing.
– Any other visuals, of any kind, that you want to go with your performance are strongly encouraged.
– Readers will be asked to keep stories to 5 min. in length. Songwriters may do a second song of their choosing, new or existing, that loosely connects to this theme. Provide any justification you deem necessary. We will accept the weakest links! (Or if you are feeling super ambitious, you can do a second song based on a second photo.)
Contact [email protected] for more information

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