Kevin Spacey and Willem Dafoe premiered a film in Williamsburg last night

strollingKev and crew just strolling down Wythe Ave

Last night Kevin Spacey and Willem Dafoe convened in Williamsburg for the premier of Love’s Routine for the Jameson First Shot competition. This year the Kevin Spacey fronted project offered three up-and-coming directors a shot at having Willem Dafoe star in their short film. Last night’s premiere at Wythe Hotel was for NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia MFA candidate Shirlyn Wong’s film Love’s Routine, which won for the United States (the other two winners/premieres were in Russia and South Africa). After a short photo session all three winning films were screened (all were excellent) in a space on Wythe Hotel’s the first floor that transformed nicely into a theater and was followed by a Q&A with Kevin Spacey, Willem Dafoe and the directors.
Spacey said recruiting Dafoe for the project was key and that the pair goes back over 30 years to their early theater days (Dafoe is a founding member of The Wooster Group). He also said the entire project stems from a workshop he did with Jack Lemmon when Spacey was first starting his career and Lemmon told him that if you do well in this profession you need to “send the elevator back down.” Speaking about the opportunity given to winner Shirlyn Wong and his own level of fame he said “no matter what happens on the outside I don’t ever fucking want to get away from what she’s feeling right now.” Check out a few snaps from the event below and watch the winning entry Love’s Routine:


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