Kayrock's Election-Themed Monster Prints

From Kayrock’s website

Espeis archetype invited Kayrock Screenprinting to create a mural outside their gallery. With Halloween and the presidential election just around the bend, we created a wheat paste mural that combines 35 looming issues with 20 leering monster heads. All prints are 3 colors on text weight 19″x25″ paper.
Monsters were drawn by Wolfy Part II, Karl “Kayrock” LaRocca, Zach Lehrhoff, Anna Haifisch, Christeen Francis and Brady Dollarhide. Looming issues were provided by the times, the media, the presidential candidates and you.
Barack Obama has a plan that addresses 25 pressing issues. McCain’s plan only deals with three.
We will have monster head prints for sale at:
Prints Gone Wild
Supreme Trading
213 North 8th, Williamsburg Brooklyn
Saturday Nov 1 (6pm-midnight) and Sunday Nov 2 (12-6pm)

More monster heads and a shot of the mural at kayrock.org.

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