Katy Perry premiered a new song by chaining a disco ball to a McCarren Park bench

katyperryYesterday Katy Perry premiered her new song (well 60 seconds of it) Chained to the Rhythm by placing a disco ball with a headphone jack on it in a few locations around the world. One of those locations (and the only one in the entire northeast of the USA) was our very own McCarren Park, or “McCarran Park” as her website spelled it. From Vanity Fair:

In an hour spent in the park, about six people approached the bench.

That, it turns out, was the correct amount of people for one ball with one headphone jack dropped in a mid-size park in Brooklyn in the middle of a work week with no further clues.

Here’s a few pics of people who made the trek:

Just listening to Katy Perry's new single out of a disco ball, NBD #ChainedToTheRhythm

A photo posted by Hugh McIntyre (@popbanghugh) on

ran to Brooklyn to find a disco ball playing #KatyPerry's new song chained to a bench in the name of journalism.

A photo posted by Kristin Harris (@kristinshayharris) on


@katyperry #our #hips #are #chainedtotherhythm

A video posted by Hanna Franzen (@thehannafranzen) on


@katyperry #the #best #wednesday #wisdom , our neck #is #chainedtotherhythm

A photo posted by Hanna Franzen (@thehannafranzen) on


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