Kanye West And Others Remix Peter Bjorn & John's "Young Folks"

From Pitchfork:
Kanye West: Young Folks Remix
Via lanewshit
Young Folks (Diplo Pussy Remix) / zShare
Young Folks (Datashat Remix) / zShare
Young Folks (Diplo Drums of Death Remix) / zShare
Young Folks (Punks Jump Up Special Disco Remix) / zShare
Young Folks (Thomas Andersson Remake) / zShare
Young Folks (Cousin-Cole Re-Edit) / zShare
Young Folks (OrtzRoka Remix) / zShare

Dawn Landes: Bluegrass “Young Folks” via Pitchfork

Weird German “Young Folks” via Pitchfork
And finally, some weird dude with a dirty-ass apartment who calls himself Glitter Parade dancing to “Young Folks.” (Stick around until the end to see him dancing with his dog…. hilarious).


  1. Peter Bjorn & John are wonderful. All these remixes indicate that I’m not the only one to recognize their genious. That bluegrass version is fantastic

  2. Doughey says:

    The Punks Jump Up Special Disco Remix is pretty fantastic

  3. I’m not that weird!

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