Jen-N-Outlaw's Fish-Fry Truck

c/o Gothamist

Know how to eat crayfish? Paul Outlaw who co-owns Jen-N-Outlaw’s Fish-Fry truck explained clearly to The New York Times “You rip it open,” he said, demonstrating how to pinch the bottom of the tail to extract a bit of meat. “And then you want to crush the head and suck the brain”. If you live in Bushwick, you’ve surely come across the Fish-Fry Truck which has become the weekend hot spot for Southern Cooking.

The truck opened for business earlier this month, when Bushwick Artist couple Paul Outlaw & Jennifer Catron converted an old box truck into a hydraulic-driven food truck that unfolds into an eating area, complete with a table, benches, and a tow-top. Their menu consists of a crawfish boil, world famous spicy boil with potatoes and corn, catfish po-boy, crispy catfish served with fresh coleslaw, spicy sauce, all on a french loaf, and hand made fried pickles with amazing buttermilk dill dipping sauce.

On Saturdays the truck will be parked around Bogart Street in Bushwick. To find their exact location, follow them on Twitter @jenandoutlaws. In the Fall the truck will move to Manhattan, specifically around the Chelsea galleries. We’re all for Southern goodness in the hood, give them a try before they’re gone!

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