Jeff Bechtel Art Opening

I’M YOURS NOW, featuring new work by Hipster Handbook, Food Court Druids, and The Sinner’s Guide to the Evangelical Right artist, Jeff Bechtel.
Opening Reception, Wednesday June 28th, 6-8PM
Sikkema Jenkins & Co. gallery space
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Sikkema Jenkins & Co. will present a group exhibition, I’m Yours Now, organized by Arturo Herrera. The artists in the exhibition are; Jeff Bechtel, Terry Haggerty, Ann Veronica Janssens, Simon Dybbroe M√∏ller, Jorge Queiroz, Jan Van Der Ploeg, Claudia Wieser.
I’m Yours Now brings together seven international artists, some making their first US appearance. Each artist will work exclusively within the given architecture of the Sikkema Jenkins & Co. gallery space.
Using a variety of techniques, media, and scale, each of the artists will select existing standard architectural elements such as walls, floor and ceiling to create their work.
The exhibition explores the potential of the space to generate site-specific pieces ranging from the pictorial to the conceptual. Working within a hybrid arena of abstraction and representation, all the artists will re-address the space as ground for images and visual environments.
An underlying temporality unites all the works. They will all be destroyed, painted over or switched off at the end of the exhibit.
Organized by artist Arturo Herrera, who will have a solo exhibition at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. in October – November 2006.

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