Jay-Z And Beyonce Attend The Last Pool Party Of 2009

We were wondering who that was yesterday exiting the final Pool Party in a limo. Yep, Jay-Z and Beyonce are Grizzly Bear fans. A tipster sent us the pictures to prove it.
Yesterday’s Pool Party felt like the end of an amazing summer as 10,000 elated fans watched Grizzly Bear perform and the sun set over the New York skyline. JellyNYC pulled off an impressive set of shows including performances by Dirty Projectors, Girl Talk, Dan Deacon, and The Black Lips. It remains unclear if the series will return to the Williamsburg waterfront next year, but Chuck Schumer seems to be an advocate. As we snapped a picture we heard the Senator exclaim emphatically “this is great for Brooklyn.” We couldn’t agree more.

(image c/o Michael Rusch)

Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear

Beach House

(image c/o Michael Rusch)

(image c/o Michael Rusch)

Erin Lucas of The City

Sonny Crockett was there too

Grizzly Bear – “While You Wait For The Others” via BigAssLens

Jay-Z [via]


  1. lot of us were stuck outside unable to get in, the line was pretty long, over an hour wait to get in for me – ended up not ever getting in. Many people just sat in the street to listen

  2. Beyonce looks like such a burger! Haha

  3. “Getting down” to Grizzly Bear looks suspiciously like sort of fidgeting and talking a lot
    Maybe Chuck Schumer can pass some legislation to make Grizzly Bear rock.

  4. had a great time even though i didn’t get in. thanks ashley, danny, fabe, hank, mechy, and val for hanging with me on the street of Brooklyn ala hobo

  5. it was epic =D
    too bad it ended…
    can’t wait till next summer.

  6. That show was amazing. Beach House and Grizzly Bear sounded incredible. If you need further evidence miles of Jay ‘s appreciation for the music, check out his fucking press conference the next day in which he called the band “incredible”
    jealous bitch

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