Japanther & Ninjasonik Saving the High School Musical

From Mikki Halpin of Art Local– the folks who brought you Don’t Demo Domino:

The show came about when I was at a community meeting and Candace Parr and Elli Weinert, the drama and music teachers at Automotive, respectively, mentioned that their programs had been cut. I’d seen the Automotive musical last year (West Side Story) and was so impressed with what the kids did and how thrilled and grateful they were that Candace had believed in them and gotten the program going[…]
Since I often put on benefits around the neighborhood, it was a no-brainer to offer to help. I’ve always wanted to work on integrating Automotive High and its students and faculty into the neighborhood–they are part of our community as well. The school has come so far, and here in a community of artists and musicians, it was no problem to get volunteers and bands to participate. Although Japanther and Ninjasonik are just returning from a long tour, they said yes immediately when I asked them to help[…]
The show is going to be great–the kids will perform some dance numbers from Guys and Dolls, the Automotive High Hip Hop Jazz Band will play, and then of course the bands.

Go check it out TONIGHT @ Automotive High, 50 Bedford Ave. It’s a great cause and you might even win something yummy from Teddy’s or a free spa tratment at Beehive, mmm.

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