It’s Election Day, Still No G Service, Even Though the Line Has Been Pumped Out

.Via Daily Intel

Among the 20 or so percent of the New York City subway system still out of service on Monday were the L and G lines, leaving Williamsburg still largely without subway access and Greenpoint entirely cut off. And while the New York Observer reports that the G line has been pumped out, it’s a long shot not worth betting on that it will be open tomorrow. The L, meanwhile, is still full of water (there are only so many pumps to go around, after all). As to why the G won’t be running, the Observer’s Matt Chaban explains: “The G-train may be clear of water, but signals still need to be repaired from what rushed in, which was salt water, remember, and thus more severe. Once repaired, the signals need to be tested.” The MTA is being extremely reluctant to give any prediction for when the lines could open, with spokesman George Seaton saying he had “no sense of any timeline” for the lines’ reopening. Of course we’re hoping these lines get open as soon as possible, but don’t hold your breath for G train service Tuesday morning.

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