It looks like the Apple Store on Bedford Ave is really happening

applestoreAccording to reports by Gothamist the long rumored Apple Store on North 3rd and Bedford could really be coming to Williamsburg soon. From Gothamist:

The wall between the two stores has been knocked down, creating what could be an Apple-store sized space. The space above the Bagel Store is empty, but there are apartments at 241 Bedford, above King’s. Whisk employee Joanne Saucier says she’s heard the tenants are being pressured to leave, and have been offered a buyout.
“The space where Bagel Store/Kings Pharmacy existed is going to be the Apple store location,” Saucier said in an email. “They’ve already started on it, and the lease was signed about a month ago. We found that out from the owners of the block.”



  1. Mister Hipster says:

    Boo corporate chains! They bring down the value of the neighborhood and…oooh, look! an Apple Store!

  2. Boo. It’s inevitable and a reality. But it sucks.

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