Is The “Man Bun” Taking Over North Brooklyn?

Steven Seagall via flickr

The New York Times loves to cover the latest Brooklyn trends and depending on who you ask, the paper can be spot on or dead wrong. Today, the Style section explored the latest trend supposedly taking over “arty neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick” (direct quote): the Man Bun.

Apparently, the more fashion-forward gentlemen in these neighborhoods are now in the habit of styling their long locks into ballerina buns. Some men borrow scrunchies “hair bands” from female friends and partners, while more hardcore men use good old fashioned rubber bands or string, United States Postal Service-style. The NYT quotes some Man Bun supporters as claiming to draw inspiration from samurai warriors or Steven Seagal. But there’s nothing wrong with looking to your local librarian for fashion ideas.


  1. The Man Bun is like a beard for the top of your head.

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