Interview: I Am The Heat

The Brooklyn-based fusion of 60’s garage rock bands and post-punk minimalism that is I Am The Heat will premiere their new music video for their song “Ghost Bear” this Thursday night at 10 p.m. at Monkeytown (58 N 3rd. St).
Led by director Stephen Spencer, “Ghost Bear” was filmed around Williamsburg and Bushwick with the band, their girlfriends, friends and extended social acquaintances all lending a hand and having fun. It’s got a healthy mix of snuggling females, pillow fights, fuzzy bears and a chase scene all thrown together with a Matt and Kim-esque level of intensity and color.
Here’s the trailer video (it’s live now):

I AM THE HEAT: Ghost Bear from kevin fey on Vimeo.

For more on the band, I e-sat down with Jameson and Kevin Fey to talk about shooting the video, their favorite local haunts and their favorite bands. That interview, my friends, is after the jump.
After their Thursday premiere at Monkeytown, I Am The Heat will play July 11th at Clash Bar (NJ), July 12th at Union Pool, and July 31st at Lit.

The Interview
FW: So who is ‘I Am The Heat,’ where are y’all from and what’s your deal?

: I am the Heat is 4 kids with different influences and similar goals playing music we love – the music we want to hear. We love writing and we love performing. Ha, this sounds like a lame elevator speech but it’s true…(more after the jump)
FW: Where did you shoot the video and who is in it?

: The video was shot one weekend in Williamsburg and Bushwick. The first day was all outdoors, and the second was in my apartment. It was nuts seeing the place transformed into a film studio. Everyone involved was a friend, girlfriend or friend of a friend. It was an AMAZING group/experience. Everyone was incredibly talented and fun to work with.
FW: What do you all do aside from music or is this your primary pursuit?
IMTH: We aim to make this our primary endeavor. Meanwhile we are an artist, a programmer and two retail associates.
FW: Favorite bar/rest. in w’burg?
IMTH: Hmm, that’s tough. We find ourselves at Bushwick Country Club pretty often, but that’s probably the location (we’re scattered throughout WB, Bushwick and Bed-Stuy) and the fact that they let me bring my dog (dear bars: do this more often). We used to go to Levee a lot. That’s slowed down since the night I [Jameson] was hit by a taxi outside Levee, and then immediately hit over the head with a beer bottle by a total stranger. Ha, what a night. (Thanks again, awesome, nameless woman who watched my bike throughout the incident!). OH, the new beer garden at TBD is killer!
FW: Any other bands u like/are influenced by/recommend/in your iphone?
IMTH: Obviously we love Hype of the States since we’re sharing this bill with them! Lately we’ve been listening to Passion Pit, Sigmund Droid, Piebald, Parts and Labor, White Denim, My Chemical Romance, Handsome Furs and the new Phoenix record.
FW: What are your 4th of July plans!?
IMTH: We are going to beaches, BBQs, bike rides, and birthday parties! Can’t wait ’till the weekend!
Woo! Once the video premieres on Thursday, you can watch it here. (Warning: the password is not crabapples.)


  1. William George says:

    Fantastic! I’m really proud and excited for all those involved! Congrats!

  2. puffpuffpass says:

    really? you are promoting this? really 🙁

  3. Great song and great video. Lighting and cuts are sick. One of the best live acts in Wburg these days.

  4. mediocre at best…

  5. shit fuck says:

    wow. its like the williamsburg hipster version of the jonas brothers….

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