Interview and Ticket Giveaway: Christine Hoberg, Brooklyn’s Own Pop Up Live Finalist

On November 1st, we introduced you to Christine Hoberg — the energetic songstress who serenaded a boat load of people on the East River Ferry, qualifying her as New York’s finalist for Pop Up Live presented by SPIN Magazine and popchips. Well, now it’s time to get to know Christine a little better…

We got to chat with the Midwest-gone-Brooklyn broad about her upcoming EP release, “junky instruments” and where you can find her slinging the best Bloody Marys in the ‘hood. So check out the interview below and be sure to cast your votes before Monday, Nov. 14th to get Christine to the SPIN Stage in Austin, TX! And find out how to win tickets to Miss Hoberg’s Record Release show for her newest EP, Moonlight Never Shined So Bright, TOMORROW night at 10pm at Rockwood Music Hall after the jump…

How would you describe your sound to, let’s say, somebody’s grandma?

I describe my music as indie rock meets indie jazz, which maybe doesn’t make sense to a grandma. I think the stuff I have out now is mainly rock meets throwback motown or jazz.  I love those old chanteuse-y and sassy songstress types and have embodied that into a lot of my songs, but I also write and love really messed up noise music and love creating new sounds–I’m in love with artists like fever ray and radiohead–and more and more of that kind of stuff is coming out in my songs, especially my new album I’m releasing this Friday!  Lots of layered vocal chanty stuff, can’t wait to put it out!

Are there any other artists/bands that you just can’t get enough of these days?

Other artists I can’t get enough of…  well, I have some AMAZING friends in New York City whose music I really can’t get enough of.  My friends Denitia Odigie, Philthy, Sky White Tiger, Wojcik, Tall Tall Trees, Mercy Bell, Rachel Zamstein, Kendra Morris, Mother Feather, Whale Belly.  Other music that I can’t get enough of lately is the new Andrew Bird album ‘Norman’ (tears! night sky is SO beautiful!), Mountain Man which is actually three women, anything Owen Pallett, been on a Jon Brion kick lately too.

Tell us a little about the new EP, Moonlight Never Shined So Bright.

The whole album was recorded to tape in live sessions, which means there wasn’t any cutting or punching in to ‘fix’ something.  It’s so special because each song is a real moment captured in time.  This album is so intimate to me because these songs come from a quieter place in me.  They are all sewn together through this one night I had walking home.  The moon was out this night and was hitting the open road and me so distinctly.  The outro on the album, ‘where the least light shines shine the light’ is what came out of me on that walk home.  I started singing it to myself quietly and then louder and louder until I realized I was at my house doorstep.  I ran upstairs and the image of the album came out of me that night so clearly and quickly and the album is the songs that cam out of that moment.

Is there one instrument you wish you never had to hear ever again?

Instruments I never had to see again?  No… not necessarily.  I kind of like junky instruments and getting good sounds out of them!  Things I’m glad I’m not seeing in Williamsburg anymore?  Ironic moustaches!  I can’t kiss you if you look like an updated version of the Quaker Oats guy, what was his name… let me google this–Wilford Bromley.  Who knew?

Like most artists in the ‘hood, can we catch you somewhere working a day job?

Yes!  You can see me bartending at Midway in Williamsburg, I’m there every Saturday and Sunday during brunch drinking hours.  And I make a good Bloody Mary if I do say so myself!

So, wanna be on the list for tomorrow night’s show? Here’s how:

1. Go to the Pop Up Live Facebook page and VOTE for Christine Hoberg to send her to the SPIN Magazine stage in Austin, TX!

2. Comment below for your chance to win tickets for you and a friend to TOMORROW night’s record release show for Moonlight Never Shined So Bright at Rockwood Music Hall!


  1. Yes, please! Also, the new Andrew Bird is incredible.

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