Inside the Domino Sugar Factory (Before it Gets Gutted)

In October of this year Two Trees Management Co. successfully purchased the iconic sugar factory for $185 million. Get an inside look at one of the most fascinating places in Brooklyn before its gutted, polished up and dwarfed by 40-story glass towers on all sides.


  1. The images are beautiful but the editing is awful. Very frustrating to watch.

  2. It’s just a factory

  3. What a wasted oppotrunity. 95 percent of video is slow boring pans of manhattan skyline that anyone anywhere can see anytime, and then only inside shots pan so quickly (and are out if focus) you can’t see anything except when it is a painful slow pan of a puddle. To top it off Eliza is dead right about terrible editing. I want my 3minutes back.

  4. Wow, what a wasted opportunity. Camera work and editing are a travesty. And why are 30% of the shots of the Williamsburg Bridge and Manhattan, shots that could have been gotten from the park next door?

  5. Medical Blunt says:

    How did u get in there?

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