Inouk Interview

interview by alexander laurence

It’s our job at Free Williamsburg to expose new bands that are bound to take the indie world by storm. Inouk is one of those bands. They are bringing psychedelic music to the people. And 2004 was the summer of groovy love power.
Inouk was originally formed in Philadelphia. The band consists of brothers Damon McMahon (vocals/guitar) and Alexander McMahon (vocals/guitars), Ian Fenger (lead guitar), Jesse Johnson (bass) and Glen Brasile (drums). Their music is unclassifiable — progressive music that allows for many musical influences to come and go. Inouk is making music where the music is the most important thing, not fashion or hairstyles (despite that Flock of Seagulls thing going on in the picture).
Inouk released an EP a few months ago. After that they have been playing nonstop all year. In August 2004, their first album “No Danger” was finally released. I got to speak to Damon McMahon before they started touring again with Hope Of The States. INOUK WILL BE LIVE AT THE FADER CMJ PARTY | SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16 | 176 ORCHARD ST. AT HOUSTON | 7PM

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  1. I saw this band play. They are great.


  3. Anonymous says:

    is this Flock of Seagulls?

  4. Are you balding?

  5. Bought the CD, sold it back. This band is soooo overrated.

  6. Gwen Stefani says:

    This is my favorite band.

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