Inflatable Art

Last night I attended the Inflatable Sculpture Show @ 3rd Ward. I was curious to check out the show mainly because of the Air Bear sculptures built over the subway grates a couple years ago that swept across the Internet.

The sculptures at the show last night were produced via the inflatable sculpture class that 3rd Ward offers for people who want to learn the tricks of the trade. There was certainly some interesting pieces at the show, although what I missed was the incorporation of motion that was present in earlier pieces like the Air Bear and other subway grate sculptures.

There was one standout piece from the show, a hybrid cross between an inflatable sculpture and projected light art. Looking forward to seeing what the next round of students produce.

Here is a small sampling of some of the other sculptures that were at the show:


  1. Love this site! I’m actually in the habit of posting good stuff like this in my area: westchester and fairfield counties. I have a couple of friends in flatbush that I would love to show this to. Thanks for your work!!

  2. Gotta admit that’s pretty rad

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