Incredible Footage Of Hurricane Sandy Shot in Williamsburg

Filmmaker John Mattiuzzi:

When I set out to film my neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the night of the hurricane, I did not anticipate the footage I was about to film. My main goal was to make a short film of whatever I captured that night. A small art film was the idea. But after the explosion, things quickly changed for me. Two weeks later, I finally had time to edit this film together, and show a small perspective of the storm: “A One Block’s Story.”


  1. Cool video bro but people died in that storm. It’s also your “One Block” that’s really transformed this neighborhood. Hope the wind didn’t rip anyone’s IKEA bag.

  2. JonJonSquared says:

    Wow, scary video; brought me right back to that night.
    And most excellent editing.

  3. Its the scary laughter in the beginning that really sets the tone!!!

  4. wtf were the doing outside throughout? did they want to get hit by flying debris like that piece of sheet metal or lost in a storm surge?

  5. amazing footage! Nicely done.

  6. Deanscotto says:

    I was evacuated to the city and live @ One Northside Piers, to see what I would have faced…it was shocking …. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SHOT…
    Thanks for sharing

  7. i was banking on the wind blowing away a hipster.

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