I'm sure this did not complicate anyone's weekend…

Yep, the L was closed all frackin’ weekend for service, construction, and repairs.  According to the MTA and many a Williamsburg working class hero, everything is as promised kosher come the start of this work week.  If you’re not already painfully aware, the price of a ride is going up, so I suppose it is good to know where our fares are being put to use.  I already knew service would be suspended this weekend, but I walked up to the L nevertheless, to read the sign and make my “alternative transportation” plans accordingly. As I walked away, I saw others walk up and observe the sign. They appeared to read the sign several times, pausing to reflect, looking around, and ultimately staring at it blankly. “Surely, there must be more information here,” I swear I heard them say under their goat cheese omelette brunch breath.  In unrelated news, the goat cheese omelette at Cafe Colette is delicious.

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