Idiotic Fixed Gear Fad Comes To Its Idiotic, Red Bull Sponsored Climax

This Saturday, Red Bull will host a fixie race. On a tiny wooden track. Inside a church in Bushwick. There will be a T-shirt cannon.

Via DNA:

“Right after I signed up, I signed a waiver and then I watched videos of all the crashes… I was nervous at first, but you have to be confident in your biking skills.”
Teyber is facing off against 99 other cyclists in 10 laps around the “mini drome” as part of an event tour that’s already been to cities including Tokyo and London, according to Red Bull’s website.

“I’ve never raced in Bushwick. And, definitely, racing in a church is going to be unique,” said Teyber, who plans to don his “lucky beer socks” with giant beer cans on the back. “There’s something magical about being under stained glass.”

Teyber, a California native who lives on the Upper East Side, said each contestant takes to the track for a mere two minutes. But the music-filled fixed-gear party will last all day and night, organizers said.
“I’ll be launching a T-shirt cannon,” said co-host Tony Blahd, who said he hopes to shoot shirts out of a cannon in the church while Roberta’s Pizza serves up drinks and fresh pies from its mobile pizza oven.

If you want to attend, here’s the information, via Red Bull’s website:

Date and Time:
Saturday, March 23

Competition Qualifiers: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Doors Open for Spectators: 9:00PM
Main Competition: 10:00PM
Event ends: 4:00AM

Bushwick Church
626 Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Age info: 21+
For the first 1,000 spectators admission is free with RSVP here


  1. Why is it idiotic? Please, tell us about another meaningless music video.

  2. johnnypotsnpans says:

    It’s idiotic because it’s ‘cool’ to ride a bike with one gear and no brakes.

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