Iconic Williamsburg Hipster Bar Moving To Dumbo

From Gothamist

There have been murmurs of Galapagos moving from its current space for a while now. The Burg even did an entire episode about saving it. From that show:
“Galapagos is many ways is the heart of Williamsburg, the oldest consistently operating bar in the area, it’s been around for seven years – it’s historic. And now I hear Clear Channel’s trying to buy it.”
“I hate Clear Channel, first McCarren Park Pool and now this!”
Clear Channel didn’t buy it (that we know of), maybe Northsix The Music Hall of Williamsburg did – but likely it’s going to be another set of condos (with neighbors complaining about the noise). Either way, the rumors of it moving have been confirmed, as The NY Times reports that the North 6th Street art space will be leaving Williamsburg for a brighter future in Dumbo. They also note this has great symbolic significance, given it was an establishment that pioneered the neighborhood it will now be leaving. READ IT ALL

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