Iceage premier new song, announce Bowery Ballroom show

iceage_sep2013_byLawrencePrice15 months ago, on the heels of Iceage’s sophomore effort, You’re Nothing, and awaiting the emergence of related projects like Lower and Vår, you probably heard me barside at some venue in some stupid t-shirt spouting the opinion that Copenhagen was home to the best punk scene on the planet. Since then, however, critical and consumer attentions have strayed, said scene has evolved, and now, looking back on a year dominated by black metal bands and shoegaze start-ups, it all seems like a distant and, given those band’s sonic proclivities, ice-encased memory.

If you’ve ever witnessed frontman Elias Ronnenfelt’s possibly-manufactured-but-authentically-homoerotic apathy live or read one of the band’s notoriously tight-lipped interviews, however, then you also know Iceage don’t give a fuck about scenes, trends, or press, and their new song, “The Lord’s Favorite”—which dropped sans the now-requisite trumpet blowing this morning—proves as much. An early bellwether of the band’s You’re Nothing follow-up, the track is unflinchingly Iceage—clattering, indifferent, and intoxicating—and lands alongside an accompanying video, directed by Cali DeWitt, and a North American tour announcement, which includes a Bowery Ballroom stop on October 12th. Check out the video below and stay tuned for ticket info.

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