How the 1% Live in Williamsburg


Are you a glutton for punishment? I am. That’s why I read the Wall Street Journal’s “House of the Day” section. It’s basically MTV’s “Cribs,” but with financiers instead of rappers. And the houses are for sale.

Today, the WSJ took a look inside the lovely apartment of Phillip and Alexandra Broenniman, who live right here in Williamsburg. They paid “slightly more than $2 million” for their waterfront condo on North 6th. They’re selling it for $4.25 million.

Phil (can I call him Phil?) describes himself as a “financial geek,” which I’m pretty sure is a euphemism for “Wall Street guy who lives in Brooklyn.” According to the WSJ, [Phil] often jokes that ‘a great way to make money in real estate was to follow us wherever we lived, and buy whenever we decided not to.’ Good joke, Phil. Funny stuff.

Alexandra “used to work in finance.” What she does now is unclear, but whatever it is, it doesn’t include watering the plants on the couple’s 520-square foot terrace and balcony, because they have an automated sprinkler system for that.

Unfortunately (for us, anyway), Phil and Alexandra are leaving Williamsburg, and NYC, for somewhere with more space. After all, how are you supposed to raise a family in a 2,500 square foot duplex?

Still, they’re sad to be going:

Broenniman said he will miss the energy of the neighborhood. ‘Every time I leave town and come back, the vibe is so dynamic, it’s just a joy to be in the area,’ he said. ‘If I could transplant Williamsburg wherever I go and take the apartment with me, I would,’ he said.

We’ll miss you, too, Phil, we’ll miss you, too.


[h/t Brownstoner]

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