Hooray For Earth kills Bowery Ballroom


I can always tell I’m about to watch a good show by the amount of ear plugs in the crowd and people, arms crossed, who look more like they are waiting in line at the DMV than a band to appear. This is the telltale giveaway that the “industry” folks have arrived and was definitely the scene at the Bowery Ballroom Saturday night as the Boston turned NY band Hooray For Earth put on a show, touring to support their new album Racy.

“Racy is Hooray For Earth stripped down to its core elements as a music project. It’s music written and directed by one person, performed by a band who’ve been playing together for a long time,” said Noel Heroux, the genius behind the band.

With a controlled, mature loudness, Hooray For Earth captured my attention from the moment they came on stage. Each song felt purposeful and complete with layers of sound and Heroux’s smooth voice tying everything together. And Heroux’s guitar skills – magic. Performed live, the songs from the album feel much bigger than through my speakers at home, filling every inch of the room.

The album is a realization of Heroux’s musical vision. The songs, he said, come to him fully realized and he first records them alone the best he can on his own, as close to his vision as possible. Then, he took those recording to the band and into the studio with Chris Coady, rerecording from scratch using the originals as a guide.

“Hooray For Earth has always been a confusing mix of living, breathing band and solo bedroom recording project. We felt it was time to make an album that embraced those two sides, rather than blur the lines like on previous records,” said Heroux.

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