Home for the Activist Artist: Be Electric

Photo by Michael Premo

Photo by Michael Premo

Be Electric, a brand new video and photography workspace opens at the start of Bushwick Open Stuidos tomorrow, with its first show “Water Warriors.”

The exhibition portrays the indigenous people of Canada’s fight against the gas industry. Andrew Stern and Michael Premo capture the struggle of the Mi’kmaq through photography of their home in New Brunswick.

“The intensity of this fight and the odds the Mi’kmaq people face is gripping. We felt an obligation and an inspiration to tell this story to the world,” said Stern of the project.

While some of photos from Stern and Premo capture the simple life of the Mi’kmap people, others look like those of a warzone — not exactly the peaceful, picturesque version of Canada we’re used to seeing. The photos also draw attention to a political and environmental issue plaguing our neighbors to the north. This sort of artistic activism is what Be Electric is aiming to foster more of in the future.

“Be Electric Studios objective is to provide a world-class photo and video studio in Bushwick, while accommodating social justice projects like Water Warriors. This is just the beginning of many photo and video exhibits addressing critical issues,” said Stern.

For a peak at some of the photography featured in the exhibit, click here.

Be Electric

Opening Reception 7-10 p.m. Friday, May 30

1298 Willoughby Ave


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