'Home Buying For Hipsters' Returns

Why buy drugs, booze and concert tickets when you can buy a clone-do (pun)?!
From Gothamist:

Hipsters, if you’ve been stashing your cash away in your Converse shoebox and are thinking that shoebox needs a new home, then tonight is your night! Home Buying for Hipsters is back, and experts will be on hand to tell you how to buy that Karl Fisher you’ve been eyeing.

Try not to be seen tonight at The Gibson (108 Bedford Ave), at 6p.m.


  1. you can say that again, perry.

  2. Get out of New York hipsters

  3. Maybe it’s the yuppies that should leave, now that you all got laid off. Scumbags.

  4. wait, where did you get this photo? i know them.
    @ $ries, they live in Tacoma, WA. so you don’t have to worry.

  5. the gloom house.
    jason freet front right, vega back left..

  6. You may want to provide credit and a link to the place where you found the photo.
    The picture is of the infamous Gloom House in Tacoma.

  7. kill all hipsters says:

    What a bunch of pussies. They should all EAT SHIT AND DIE!

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