Hipster Runoff On Last Week's Girl Talk Party


It seems like the Girl Talk is a ‘celebration of waste’, like they are just converting a local park into a ‘huge fucking dumpster.’

The entire post is hilarious and, best of all, ‘Carles’ used Clarissa’s photos to illustrate his point.


  1. you know, that post is rad, except i don’t understand their (over)use of the word ‘tween’. tweens are not teenagers. (if they were, you wouldn’t need a separate ‘tween’ word’. i don’t get it.

  2. although the post is written at about the level of a high school newspaper, they are right. what is the fucking point of spraying 30 rolls of toilet paper into a crowd of people?

  3. JJinBklyn says:

    No Carles is NOT right. Here’s what I posted in response:
    As a one-man band, GirlTalk travels light, thus he is much less ecologically damaging than say, 12-piece Antibalas. I’m pretty sure that the jet fuel used by one extra airline seat from NY to LA is equivalent to the power used to generate tens of thousands of toilet paper rolls. In addition, his “rehearsals” consist of turning on a laptop – just like you! No dozens of high-wattage guitar/bass/keyboard amps and effects humming away for hours.
    He is actually very “green” by default. Think a little deeper before your next post.

  4. that’s theyre way of telling them : hey here’s some toilet tissue, this place may aswell be considered a giant toilet bowl cause the only people i see here is shit lol. cheap humor sir

  5. but jj, sitting in an airline seat is necessary if you’re going to fly. spraying toilet paper is not necessary really ever, and regardless of whether it’s ‘green’ or not, it’s a hell of a fucking mess to make parks employees clean up for no reason.

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