Hipster Foldables: Kyp Malone

As part two of our Hipster Foldables series, we present he of the iconic afro, Kyp Malone. Spotted routinely at dozens of local Williamsburg haunts—he used to work at the Verb Cafe on Bedford—Kyp’s hair would alone deem him a celebrity. But he’s also the guitarist for Williamsburg band TV on the Radio.
Kyp loves one of of favorite restaurants, Marlow & Sons: “they really have it figured out. They’re really doing something delicious over there. Maybe it’s all the butter. I don’t know.” And he sometimes tires of being recognized in the ‘hood: “I don’t want to not be able to live the way I live, you know, that doesn’t sound like any sort of fun to me. Everyone I know takes the back route sometimes because they don’t want to talk to everyone.”
His hair was even featured in our book, The Hipster Handbook. In short, we love Kyp and can’t wait to see TV on the Radio when the play Prospect Park on August 11. They always put on an amazing show.
1. Download the Kyp Malone foldable here (.pdf)
2. Print
3. Cut along black solid lines
4. Fold along dotted lines and tape, as instructed
Thanks again to Bryan. And remember, send us photos for future foldables! We want to feature local celebrities who are not Peaches Geldof. (Okay, we may have to make one of her too.)
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