Hipster bros getting beard transplants


And we thought beards were out. From DNA:

Dr. Yael Halaas, another plastic surgeon who specializes in facial hair transplants, said an increasing number of “hip” and “fashionable” young professionals in their 20s and 30s are seeking the procedure.

“I get a lot of detail-oriented people — artists, architects,” the doctor said, noting that beard-centric neighborhoods such as Williamsburg, Bushwick and Park Slope have each delivered four to five clients to her practice in the past year…

The hair for beard transplants typically is taken from the patient’s head — roots and all — and then planted through micro-incisions on a bare patch of face, in an eight-hour procedure under local anesthesia, similar to how hair transplants are done, doctors said.

The procedure ranges in price from $3,000 for fill-ins of beard sections to $7,000 for a full beard, doctors said.

Apparently, people are asking to look like Gosling, Pitt, and sometimes they request a Tom Selleck ‘stache, which never goes out of style with the pedophile set.

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