Hilarious World Record Attempts at Pianos


image of the world’s largest boombox collection c/o urdb

The Universal Record Database (URDB) is holding another Appreciation Society here in New York tomorrow night, and they will be attempting to set a whole new slew of world records. Tickets are $5 (or free if you’re unemployed) and your face will probably hurt from laughing so hard.
Click through for a list of the ecords that will be attempted…and for tickets and more information, visit URDB.

* Todd Lamb – Tallest Drawing Of A Midget
* Alexandra Young – Longest Flute Trill
* Kristen and Eddie – Most Times Unzipping Someone Else’s Pants In One Minute
* Julia Kaganskiy – Fastest Time To Cry
* Lev Kushner – Most Pepperidge Farms Goldish Chicken Pecked Off A Table In One Minute
* Andrea D’Attanasio and Phil Covitz – Most Tandem Single Rope Jumps During The Duration Of “It’s Tricky”
* Ali Lapinsky – Most Tootsie Rolls Eaten In One Minute
* Guy Harper and Hunter Duncan – Most High Fives While An Audience Recites The Pledge Of Allegiance
* Chris Farber – Fastest Time To Name Every Olympic Race Michael Phelps Has Competed In And Where He Placed (Farber will try and atone for his error made at last month’s event)


  1. Too funny!

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