Hi Brooklyn, meet Athens

athensAthens is a little college town in Georgia with one of the best music scenes this side of the Mississippi. If you haven’t heard bands coming out of this wonderland, which you have unless you live under a rock or have horrible taste in music (R.E.M., Neutral Milk Hotel, Drive By Truckers, Of Montreal just to name a fraction), now is your chance. This month, four Athens bands travel up to Williamsburg to grace our ears with their presence.

The Whigs usher in their Athens brethren, laying down some rock tunes at Rough Trade Wednesday night, supporting their recently released album, Modern Creation. A little rough at first, their tracks wiggle their way into your mind becoming the soundtrack to your life. They just make you feel good.

Lera Lynn, now based in Nashville, started her career in Athens releasing her debut album, Have You Met Lera Lynn? in 2011. Her lingering, slow Southern gothic sound is like an ice cold sip of fine whiskey. Country, Americana and bluesy influences can be heard throughout her classic songs. The release show for her latest album Avenues is at Baby’s All Right next Tuesday, September 9.

September 10, Baby’s All Right also welcomes Athens musicians for a second night with New Madrid, who played earlier this spring, and Reptar, who drive a cult like fan base (myself included) with their spacey dance beats. They’ve been working on a new album for a while now, so the set is sure to unveil new ditties.

All of these are going to be rad shows, so go ahead, do yourself a favor and buy tickets right now.

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