Hey Hey My My

We’ve been enjoying the debut record by Hey Hey My My. Their unfortunate name (which references Young’s “Into the Black” of course) reminds us of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Junior Senior’s Hey Hey My My Yo Yo, but don’t let that get in the way. Their music is fantastic. We’d deem their breezy, alt-country melodies as Americana if they didn’t happen to be from France. Thanks to our friends at JELLYNYC, Hey Hey My My are doing a few New York shows in coming days. You can catch them at Mercury on 3/5 (opening for Lightspeed Champion), at Southpaw on 3/7 (playing with The Epochs and The Subjects), and then at Soundfix on 3/8. They’re certain to be getting lots of press in the near future. You can check out some tracks on their myspace page, myspace.com/heyheymymyband, or watch a couple of their videos after the jump.
Our guess is that the top one won’t be showing on Brooklyn Vegan anytime soon.

WARNING: A chicken gets killed in this video:


  1. Sounds great. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Im really offended at the casual nature of the turkey murder in the first video. I dislike this band. I was willing to put the fact their name is a blatant ripoff behind me but the murder was sicking. I usually love this site but i really think you should take that video down.

  3. Well the video is just about a day at the farm, the fact they are cooking and eating a chicken involves the killing, it’s just life you know!
    And it’s much better this way than what usually happens with animals in the food industry for fastfoods and stuff…

  4. FREEwilliamsburg says:

    Our apologies. We should have posted a warning. Which we just did.

  5. This is a great video by a very talented band. i LOVE the music!! Whoever thinks that this “murder was sick” needs to realize that the animal was raised on a farm with fresh air and was then used to feed people. that is how we survive. it’s a beautiful process. the problem is when the animals are no longer given a healthy life, are pumped with steroids and chemicals and are locked in dimly lit stalls in a barn 24/7.
    this video a great example of a healthy lifestyle!! farmers and free range meats/fish are the way to go!!

  6. I am really digging this band right now. Ive been really in Hey Hey My My, and of course SSLYBY.. both have that folk/rock/pop sound and are amazing!

  7. That chicken song sounds a little too similar to the shins to not pop my unoriginality meter.

  8. how simple. This video makes me feel like a kid again. Discovering nature is amazing.

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