Hey don’t jump down into the subway tracks

subway1During my commute at the Metropolitan/Lorimer G stop yesterday I saw a girl drop her glasses onto the tracks and immediately hop down to get them. She did it so nonchalantly that you would think she did this every day. Don’t do that people it’s dangerous! The whole thing only took about 10 seconds but you should have seen the faces of everyone on the platform after. Yipes!



  1. I dropped my wallet onto the tracks at Rock Center recently and did not hesitate to climb down onto the tracks. It had $120 in it, and all my ID and credit cards. People who suggest you should go find a station attendant or cop can’t be serious — that means just forget about your property, it’s not worth the risk. But I guarantee you, if some subway skeeve sees a wallet laying on the tracks, HE’S going to jump down there and get it, climb back up and be the happiest motherfucker on the planet.

    • Man Chan says:

      How much brain power would it take to ask someone else to go get the station agent while you watch your wallet?

      • how much brain power does it take to jump down get your stuff and hop back up.

        If you live in new york and you don’t have this skill wait for the “cops” or whatever.

        If you’re scared- from someone with no upper body strength it is not hard nor does it take long to go into the tracks and get your shit.

  2. bojangles says:

    Just don’t be an idiot dangling your stuff near the edge to begin with. Stay away by a few feet. Simple as that. Keep your shit secured.

  3. Seth Wescott says:

    Whatevs. I dropped my phone on the tracks just now and jumped down to get it. In fact, I’m still on the tracks typing this. I don’t see what th

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