Here’s The New Site For This Season’s Waterfront Concerts

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Open Space Alliance, the nonprofit that organized Williamsburg’s summer concerts in McCarren Park and East River State Park, has put out a call for proposals for this season’s new site. This summer, the concert and event series will move from East River State Park to 50 Kent Avenue, between North 11th and North 12th Streets.

The proposal describes the new location as “an empty industrial site” and asks for entries that include “a comprehensive visual identity, perimeter screening, designated VIP area, shade elements, water features, lighting…[and] recreational opportunities for non-concert days.” A jury will decide which proposal to present to the Parks & Rec department based on cost, construction feasibility, and sustainability. Finalists will be notified on April 8th and the concert season begins on June 1st.


  1. I have a rock opera about the battle between a world where robots and humans cannot coincide. The lineup is for band (2 drums, synth bass, keys, and 2 guitars; singers/acters/actresses). The story line is that there is a world where everyone likes to rock, but they are lazy and do not want to play instruments at all times. So they hire the inventor to create robots to play the music at all times so they can still feel the live vibrant element of rocking out. The inventor makes the robots create electronic music and this angers the king, so he banishes the inventor and robots to the lost city. 2 sons of the king now have to stop the inventor from destroying the kingdom with his robots, basically ending in a fight for rock vs. robots. The music folllows the story line and the final battle uses the live band to battle a band of DJ’s that create the electronic music.

    The story line, mixed with the battle of the rock pit band vs. the DJ pit band, alongside a great light show and props, would turn out to be a great entertaining event. It would run about 1-2 hours.

    Here are a couple links of the electronic/rock vibe that would be melded together to work for the live rock opera setting.

    I attended the University of Miami for classical composition as well as media writing and production, so along with my diverse background in music as well as an advantageous vision for the project, I think this proposed musical experience would be a great addition to the waterfront concert season.

    -Steve Brickman
    Cell: 978-886-0384
    Email: [email protected]


    • brandonmetal says:

      the proposal is for designs for constructing a venue, not the terrible music that will eventually adorn its stage.

  2. Can’t wait to see who is in the line-up! They have a spot now lets bring on the music!

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