Here are the Williamsburg bars that don’t have to close tonight


In New York State there is a special New Years Eve permit that bars can get to (legally) stay open until 8 AM. According to the State Liquor Authority bars can get this permit if they apply 45 days in advance and also:

In deciding whether to issue a permit to a licensee,the Authority will consider the licensee’s
disciplinary history (including pending charges) and whether, given the nature of the event,the
licensee has adequate facilities and security plans.
The permit must be displayed in a conspicuous place where the event is held.

So whether you are looking to party all night, or deciding which bars to avoid walking by when you are getting your early morning bagel tomorrow, here are the Williamsburg bars that don’t have to close:

The Flat – 308 Hooper St.
The Graham – 151 Meserole St.
Output – 74 Wythe Ave.
TBA – 395 Wythe Ave.
Night of Joy – 667 Lorimer St.
Matchless – 557 Manhattan Ave. (Greenpoint)
Cubana Social/Public Assembly – 70/72 North 6th St.

The full list of NY bars is available here. Oh and if you see me at any of these places at 7AM please tell me to go home.

- @joshmorrissey

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